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Our Company

Wolli Creek Pte Ltd f.k.a d'Organica Cosmetique Pte Ltd began supplying essential oils and wholesale spa products in Australia in 2007. We have since expanded and moved our headquarters to Singapore in 2013. The company moved as there was a strong demand for organic personal care in Asia, and Singapore is at the heart of it all.

Wolli Creek Pte Ltd (Singapore) is a company with several organic brands, with d'Organica™ being our retail brand.

Our Brand

d'Organica™ - Our premium retail brand designed to be 100% organic and chemical free. Its formulas will maintain skin's pH and it endeavours to bring skin and hair back to its natural beauty. 

Our Formulas

Our ingredients are safe, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic (does not clog pores), and free of parabens, undesirable pollutants and petrochemicals. Our antioxidant formulations use natural emulsifiers from nuts and fruit combined with scientifically advanced active ingredients derived from sustainable and renewable resources. Furthermore, d'Organica™ does not test on animals and adheres to scientific principles respecting sustainability and a green lifestyle.

While d'Organica™ uses organic and/or natural ingredients (almost exclusively), the products are not 100% certified organic by choice. This is because d'Organica™ strives to bring you the best skin care products possible despite the unavailability of some ingredients in organic form. Our goal is to deliver skin health and comfort using the best and newest ingredients from organic or natural and sustainable sources.

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