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Sensitive Scalp Hair Shampoo - 230ml (for sensitive skin). What is unique about our hair care range is that it focuses on scalp health. We believe a healthy scalp means healthy hair. We're targeting the solution at its source. Paraben, sulphate, silicone and fragrance free to clean and nourish hair without weighing it down. 

This is a low aqua formula; a shampoo concentrate. This means there is more shampoo uses per bottle than other shampoos with the same volume. Use 1/2 or 3/4 of what you would normally use. The formula is activated when it comes in contact with warm water.

It also contains our secret active ingredient Triplex9™ which repairs skins and stimulates blood flow to the scalp. 

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Shelf-life - 24 months. Keep out of direct sunlight and open flames. For topical use only. Perform patch test before first use. Results may vary.


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