Think Yourself Beautiful

Simple to do. Hard to understand

The act of thinking yourself beautiful is simple. Literally feeling happy and thinking about youthfulness will literally do the trick. The explanation behind why this works is much more complex. It involves exploring a little into molecular as well as sub-atomic (quantum) sciences.

How does thinking affect your looks

There are 2 ways in which feeling happy and thinking about beauty and youthfulness can either halt or reverse the aging process :

  1. Chemically - direct connection between your thoughts and hormonal and chemical excretions in your body.
  2. Energetically - how thought have ionic energy which create an energy environment which influence cell behaviour

The chemical effects of positive thinking on your body

Psychologically - Your state of mind affects your choices

How many depressed and highly stressed people look fresh and youthful? Unless they have gone to the cosmetologist and had a nip here and a tuck there, the word which often describes them is haggard.

From a common sense point-of-view, if you feel great, you will exert energy in a direction that will also make you look great. The happier you are the more effort you will take to maintain your skin and hair.

Even if it is not your intention to look beautiful, you will be making more of an effort to take care of your health. And health is beauty.

Fight or flight responses

Thinking stressful thoughts, releases stress hormones like cortisol into the body. A small and temporary increase of it will increase both physical and mental performance. However, sustained elevated cortisol levels results in a highly toxic internal environment. Over time, your continuously heightened mental state will turn into anxiety and your highly pumped up body may result in coronary heart disease. Anxiety and heart disease are certainly not sexy ... so think peaceful and joyful thoughts.

Cell Intelligence and Cell Replication - Dr. Bruce Lipton

Biology of Belief attempts to demonstrate that we are not controlled by DNA. Instead DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts. How we age and how healthy we are, are therefore not deterministic.

This is empowering, because it means that we have the choice to alter our lives for the better. So, just because we've always had a weight problem does not mean that we will be struggling with this in the future.

In summary - Cell replication improves when you think positively. Better cell replication means faster and correct cell replication. That means a happier, healthier and more beautiful you. It's your choice!

Water memory - Dr Masaru Emoto

He wrote a book in 1999 called Messages From Water which was a New York Times Best Seller, which first made popular the theory that positive thinking and exposure to positive elements had a positive outcome on water structure. Since the human body is made up of at least 60% water, imagine the positive structural properties it would have when you exposed yourself to a positive thought environment.

Energy flow - Gary Zukov

His famous book, Seat of the Soul touches primarily on thought energy (including emotional energy) and how that effects the quality of our lives and health.

In summary - Positive / happy / light-hearted thinking utilises less energy therefore more energy dedicated not to fight or flight but to growth.

Energy manipulation - Dr. Joe Dispenza

In summary - Our minds are malleable. There is no fixed pattern to it unless you allow a habit / habitual thought to perpetuate. Want to find out more, start with 'Evolve Your Brain'.

The list of though leaders and books I have suggested are by no means exhausted but they provide you with a start on why thinking can make you more beautiful and how it can be done. Happy thinking : )