Does using Organic mean you're detoxing? We say 'Yes'.

Think about what the word 'detox' means for a minute ... essentially

Detox is -

  1. Removal of toxic substance and / or
  2. A return to a state of homeostasis

Organic is -

  1. Relating to organic matter.
  2. Made with or made in a way which does not contain toxic substances.

Detoxing from things which are Ingested, Topically Applied or Inhaled.

Synthetic Compounds

Harmful substances are compounds which cause the body a disservice. They can be natural (see next section) or synthetic.

Synthetic compounds are used in modern production to aid in product / service delivery. They are mimics to naturally occurring substances and are often rejected by the body.

Detox from natural substances

  1. High concentration of fats don't often occur in nature without providing nutritional benefit. Processed foods have high concentrations of preservatives, fat, sugar and colouring.
  2. High concentrations of aroma compounds don't occur in nature. In nature aroma compounds tend to be slow releasing. Essential oils are completely natural but are highly concentrated. These concentrations don't occur in nature.
  3. Poisons are natural. They occur in nature to repel. They are not designed to be inhaled, ingested or topically applied.


This is a body's natural disfunction - e.g. hyperactive immune system. So, this would be a substance that would need to be uniquely avoided by an individual. (I've heard of people who are allergic to such low hyper-allergenic, natural occurring substances like aloe vera gel.)


While I agree there are times when you need to detox from natural organic substances, by-in-large, detox means making organic choices.

You don't have to do a juice diet or some other form of difficult and painful method to detox. Simply, remove these unnatural substances from your lifestyle gradually. Temporal detoxification seems to be a commercial construct. So, take your time. Detox gradually. Nobody said you need to do it 'Cold-Turkey' style.

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