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Our formulas are made in Australia to Australian organic standards. Even though our formulas are chemical free and organic, they do not need to be refrigerated. This this because our formulas have been scientifically designed with premium ingredients. They can last up to 24 months (please see individual item) and 36 months if kept below 12 degrees. 


This is a wax derived from the wool of sheep. The sheep is not harmed in any way during the extraction. Our formulas use the highest quality lanolin from Australia, which has been throughly removed of pesticide residue. We use this kind of lanolin as it has similar qualities to human skin. This makes it perfect for moisturising, nourishing and protecting skin.


Glycerine is a type of alcohol found in every type of fat. The glycerine we use is derived from rapeseed oil. It regulates the absorption and release of water, softening and smoothening the skin.


We do not use parabens in any of our formulas however, preservatives are necessary to maintain the quality and shelf-life of the products. We use organic acids as preservatives (diazolilidinyl urea and potassium sorbate). Some formulations contain ingredients which are natural preservatives like grapeseed oil and organic grain alcohol.


All essential oils used in our formulas are natively grown to evoke the best efficacy. Our carrier oils are pesticide free and refined to reduce harsh odours.


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