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Why I created d'Organica™ Dianne Little

Some people are born with naturally good genes. Sadly, I'm not one of them. I'm prone to acne breakouts and weight gain. What I don't have in naturally good genes, I've made up for in my unwavering determination to look as good as I can and to make it sustainable.

Before 2012, (when I started The Little Essentials Pte Ltd - The Organic Solutions Company, it consisted of wholesaling only premium spa products at the time), I wasn't very concerned what my personal care contained. I just wanted the products I bought to work!

I was inspired to create d'Organica™ in 2015 after having a Brazilian Straightening. It stripped my hair of colour, moisture and a bounce that use to scream 'sexy'.

The hair stylist said that I should look out for a paraben and sulphate free shampoo to maintain my chemical treatment. I asked her why this would help, but she didn't know. I researched and started looking for paraben and sulphate free hair care. There weren't that many out there, and the available products contained other nasties that were not good for hair like silicones and fragrances.

The Little Essentials was already supplying essential oils for aromatherapy and spa use and had experts familiar with the power of essential oils. I worked with our in-house aromatherapist and scientist to develop a range of formulas which synergised the nourishing and healing power of essential oils with hypoallergenic botanical additives to create a low-allergenic, chemical free range of hair, bath and skin care. 

With a better understanding of cosmetic pharmaceuticals, I realised there is no need for parabens, sulphates, silicones and fragrances. Nature is so diverse and powerful. Every chemical additive could not only be replaced by botanical compounds but were better active ingredients than synthetic ones. Botanicals also resulted in fewer side effects (like dry skin and allergies) which resulted in people buying other products to compensate.

So, why is chemical-free, organic skin care not the norm? The reason is simple. Organic ingredients are extremely expensive. However, we've done it! That's because we want to share with everyone that organic beauty care is not a luxury. It's a better-for-YOU choice and it should be made available to everyone.

d'Organica's™ flagship formula, Nourishing Hair Shampoo and Conditioner (this is now called Chemically-Treated Shampoo and Conditioner), has now expanded from 2 to 26 items. It's grown from just 2 hair care items to a full range of botanically medicated personal care for men, women and children.

The core philosophy of our formulas is not to disrupt and agitate the balance of skin and hair, so natural beauty can shine. It's infused with loads of natural oils and extracts to improve skin and hair, literally from the inside out.

All of our formulations contain compounds which are able to penetrate the hair follicle and shaft (hair care) or dermis and epidermis (skin). Our organic formulations have a secure scientific basis. This goes back to the reason we started the brand in the first place - we want the products we use to WORK.

When you use d'Organica™, we want you to be SURPRISED - BECAUSE ORGANICS WORK, when done right.

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Dianne Little, Managing Partner

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